Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia

The 2013 Registration of IDPs

Mandatory registration of IDPs in Georgia


On the basis of decree N794 12.07.2013 of Georgian government initiated by the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia, the IDP registration process began on August 1, 2013 and finished on December 27, 2013.

IDPs needed registration, because since 2007 the Ministry have not conducted similar large-scale event, which included a complex recording of IDPs according to their location, as well as a variety of additional information and updating the information in Ministry’s IDP database.

From the mentioned period IDPs accommodation changes in various regions of Georgia and also abroad were obvious. During these years main focus was on IDPs living in collective centers and information about IDPs living in Private sector was limited, there was no accurate information about IDP families and their number, because new families were created and their number changed, also state didn’t own full and accurate information about IDPs who died on occupied territories or abroad.Identification was required for IDPs, who obtained IDP status by breaking the law in 90s, 

IDPs social economic condition required research considering their various social statusses and living conditions.

Electronic database required correction and updating, because Information regarding IDPs addresses and their personal information wasn’t accuate.

Considering all above mentioned reasons the following objectives were outlined within the project:

  1. Determination of IDP families and the exact number of IDPs;
  2. Determination of the actual address of the IDPs;
  3. Identification of strategic decisions in order to improve the living conditions of IDPs;
  4. Research of social economic conditions of IDPs;
  5. Updating electronic database of IDPs and collecting new information;
  6. Targeted assistance of IDPs;
  7. Identification of IDPs, who obtained IDP status by breaking the law.

Registration process

For effective implementation and coordination of the registration process, the ministry has created a Registration Management Group, which consisted of six persons: Project Manager and five assistants.

In municipalities, registration of IDPs was implemented by 12 registration commissions in accordance with minister’s order.

8 so called great commissions, that consisted of 10 members and 4 so called small commissions that consisted of 5 members.

Each registration commission was ruled by the heads of commission, who were composed of central staff of the Ministry. Whole registration process was carried out by 116 people.

Registration was held in all regions of Georgia, registration commissions conducted registration in 58 municipalities. Also registration commissions visited:

  • houses (3414 families)
  • penitentiary establishments (13 institutions)
  • Medical facilities (8 facilities)

Where IDPs who could not appear at the registration place were being registered.

The registration commissions identified 350 dead people. Commissions also revealed 2891 people who obtained IDP status by breaking the law, 400 of mentioned people stated that they illegally possessed IDPs status over the years. Other IDPs are being studied in order to check the validity of their IDP status.

A new form of IDP certificate has been developed. IDP certificates are made in form of debit cards, that are much more protected compared to predecessor (laminated paper). IDP cards are being distributed through Liberty Bank’s service centers and branches, depending on registration address of IDPs.

Overall, the registration process was carried out orderly, without incidents and complications, initially there were slight delays in registration commission, which were mainly caused by a variety of technical issues and were quickly settled.

The number of IDPs


Beginning of registration 01.08.2013 Overall 271 832 internally displaced persons were registered.

Registration period (from 01.01.2014 up to 01.08.2013) 246 974 registered IDPs.











Note: 246 974 IDPs were registered, From August 1, 2013 until January 1, 2014 269 internally displaced persons died (status terminated), for other various reasons the status was terminated to 99 IDPs.

Age Statistics

Among active registered IDPs, registered:

 66 974 minors (underage)

179 632 adults


Overall male gender 46% and female 54%



Under 6
years old

years old

years old

years old

60 and more
years old
























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