Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia

Law on IDPS

Georgian Law on IPDs

Georgian Law on IDPs came into force on 01.03.2014. A number of reasons caused the necessity of new law. In particular, the old law did not reflect the public policy regarding IDPs and did not meet international standards.

The main updates of the new law are as follows:

  • From March 2014, all IDPs will receive significantly increased monthly allowance of 45 gel.
  • The concepts of compact and private accommodation were canceled and all IDPs will receive an equal amount of allowance.
  • IDPs are fully protected from eviction from the accommodations under their legal ownership.
  • IDP allowance will no longer be suspended if IDP leaves country for more than two months, in case the reason is related to business trips, study or medical treatment facility. IDP must inform the Ministry in advance.
  • The procedure of granting IDP status is simplified; in particular, bureaucratic mechanism that granted IDP seeker status has been canceled.
  • The concept of family has been defined in order to respect family unity right.
  • IDPs have right to restitute remaining property on the occupied territory and inherit it.